Free Socializing Event

One Day Tour in Bangkok

February 5th, 2020 08:50-18:30

ACENS brings you to explore more culture and cuisine in Thailand. You won’t miss to know the traditional and unique belief “Phra Phrom”. Phra Phrom is the Thai representation of the Hindu god Brahma who is regarded in Thai culture as a deity of good fortune and protection. Siam Ancient City, one of the world’s largest outdoor museums features a 200-acre city with 109 scaled-down copies of Thailand’s most famous monuments and architectural attractions. Take a stroll in Thai with ACENS in 2020.


1. ACENS holds the right to readjust or reschedule the itinerary due to weather, traffic, and irresistible reasons.

2.The tour bus will depart on time at 09:00 sharp. The tour bus won’t wait for any personal excuses. No refund is possible if you miss the tour bus. We strongly advice you to arrive early for the gathering.

3. No refund is possible and ACENS does not accept on-site changes, please make a reservation in advance.
4. We recommend you to wear comfortable clothes.
5. If the attraction is invisible due to the weather conditions, the tour will not be canceled and the tour fee will not be refunded.

6. Participants should follow the tour guide’s instructions. The tour guide and ACENS are not responsible for participants’ leave without notice and personal activities.

How to Attend?

To register for the socializing event, please log in to member center, click "Paper Management", "Pay" and "Add Socializing Event". Fill in the full names of the participants and registration will be done after the payment.

We do not accept any reservations after December 10th, 2019.

No on-site registration, please make a reservation in advance.

★ Tour Registration till December 10, 2019.

Due to insufficient number of participants, the tour may be cancelled.

Additional purchase of socializing fee will be refunded on-site.

Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

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