ACENS 2020 @ Bangkok, Thailand

February 05-07

Theme: The Future of Agriculture: Technology

Modern farms and agricultural operations work far different compared to those a few decades ago according to the particular use of agricultural technology. Agricultural technology may be the most revolutionary and Influential area regarding modern technology, driven by the specific fundamental need to produce adequate food to nourish a great ever-growing population.

The agricultural technology covers everything from powered machinery to agrochemical that support crop growth and protect plants from destructive weeds and insects. However, the world’s most urgent needs are usually much more severe than these.

Despite the crisis associated with the ever-growing population, the aging of agricultural labor will be the main factor of the food crisis in the latest year. The worry of genetically modified (GMO) food and climate change has also had great impacts on food security. The scientists are working hard to develop agricultural technology to achieve the goal of serving the world’s ever-growing population, creating a friendly and sustainable green environment and enabling the security of food.

The Annual Conference on Engineering and Natural Sciences (ACENS) will be held from February 5 to 7 in Bangkok, Thailand, the leading country of agriculture. In the conference, the world’s scholars, researchers, and professionals will discuss the urgent subjects of our agricultural industry right now, including but not restricted, the cultured meat, blockchain in the food security, biosphere and built environment.

ACENS 2020 sincerely invites professors who are interested in the field of Agricultural Technology to submit paper related to the following topics:

- Agricultural Safety

- Cultured Meat

- Biosphere

- Ecosystems

- Built Environment

- Sustainable Agriculture

- Livestock Biometrics

Professors are also welcomed to submit paper related but not limited to the following areas and topics:


- Biological Engineering

- Chemical Engineering

- Environmental Engineering

- Power & Energy Engineering

Natural Sciences

- Biology

- Chemistry

- Physics

- Earth Sciences

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Important Dates

Submission Deadline

November 14, 2019

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From November 05, 2019
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December 05, 2019
Conference Date
February 05-07, 2020